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StartIsBack++ 2.9.18 Crack + Registration Keys + Activation Keys with Full working Crack

Startback updated version

StartIsBack Crack is a piece of software that improves the usability of a computer’s desktop and makes a new Start screen clutter-free. This software is a zero-privileges native lightweight application. The StartIsBack session may be started from the desktop and also spans back to the desktop without the need to flash the start screen for even the slightest amount of time.

Users of StartIsBack may now assign the start button, or rather the start menu, to Windows 8 users. Its popularity stems from the fact that, regardless of a user’s level of knowledge, the configuration settings it contains are simple to use.

In contrast to its competitors, StartIsBack features an incredibly transparent side menu and prides itself on highlighting many of the newly installed apps. Another incentive to purchase this software is its functionality. For example, when you search for a new item on the computer, the results of your search are displayed immediately in the results section.

In terms of its multifunctionality, it allows users to lock a session, switches to another user, shut down a session, restart, or even sign out of an account they are presently using.

StartIsBack is a must-have program for everyone who uses a Windows-based computer. One should not be concerned about the version of Windows they are using since StartIsBack is the type of application that works with all versions of Windows. Another advantage of StartIsBack’s tiny size is that you won’t have to worry about clearing up the PC’s RAM before installing it.


StartIsBack++ Key Features:

  • Key Features of StartIsBack++:
  • Start the applications you use on a regular basis.
  • Open the document you’re working on and seek the information you need.
  • Entering the system’s location is as simple as pressing one key.
  • The system can be easily shut down.
  • At home, install new windows.
  • Customize the color of the taskbar
  • Create a transparent taskbar with a blurred background.
  • For contemporary apps, show real-time badges.
  • Larger taskbar icons should be restored.
  • Reduce the amount of time the operating system is used.
  • On the taskbar and in the “Start” menu, real-time badges for contemporary apps!
  • Disable the updated Start menu and the Cortana process’s pre-launch feature to save resources.
  • The ability to utilize big (3232) taskbar icons and large start menu buttons
  • The right pane of the Start menu has a modern icon typeface.
  • The start menu has a modern blur, shadow, and immersive context menu.
  • The start menu and settings program is fully dynamic and DPI-aware.
  • User images are arranged in a circle in a new modern manner.
  • There have been several small changes and additions.
  • And there are plenty more.


startls back version

StartIsBack 2022 Keys:

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StartIsBack Product Key:

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StartIsBack License Key:

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What’s New?

  • Fix non-hybrid shutdown used.

Pros & cons:


This allows for the customization of all key skills.
There are four different styles to choose from.


For your app to be disabled, it must be declared on a PC.
Cortana’s performance is halted.

How TO crack:

StartisBack Pro 2022 keygen is available for free download at the link provided below.
Disconnect off the internet.
Select ‘Run as administrator from the context menu.
The crack is already preloaded, so don’t make any changes!
Block this approach in your firewall if you’re using a regular foundation.
Once you’ve done that, you may start enjoying this program.

Final Word:

Similarly, it provides Windows with a clever classic Start button and a Start menu alternative. As a result, it provides you with the most up-to-date features and tools. As a result, it provides you with a contemporary interface. As a result, it is a little app. This program, too, takes up very little space on your computer. It also provides you with contemporary icons. As a result, a big icon for the taskbar appears. For example, it adds a contemporary icon typeface to the Start menu’s right pane.

As a result, it’s a little software that allows you to attach the traditional Start button and Start menu to windows. For example, you may quickly manage your system using this software. As a result, it is fantastic software for users. Furthermore, when you use this program, you may quickly locate the items you’re working on.

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